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Metabolic program

If there are any health problems we recommend metabolic examinations. The examination is done by nutritionist and doctor, who track progress throughout the program.

InBody analizator

Measuring of the body composition on the InBody analyzer

Measuring takes 50 seconds, patient being tested in his/her underwear, with no jewelry on. Pregnant women and people with pacemaker cannot be measured!

Determination of intolerance to foods with MORA device using bioresonance method

The measuring lasts around 40 minutes.

MORA aparat
Metabolički pregled

Detailed conversation with a nutritionist and a doctor

Recommendation for specific supplementation based on your results

Zdrava pilula

Preparation of diet plans for next month

The possibility to consult a physician and nutritionist via e-mail and phone.

Metabolički pregled

Reviews are being held by a doctor and nutritionist

You can do your lab analysis using ANESA – advanced technology for non invasive lab results.

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