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Bioidentical chromones

Bioidentical chromones

What are hormones and what is their function?

  • Our body produces over a hundred of hormones. They regulate all vital functions, growth, heart rate and breathing. They make a man - a man and a woman - a woman. They are in rest mode at night and in the morning they, control blood pressure, maintain bone density, muscle tone, lubricate joints. The hormones make body produce energy, maintain temperature, and burn fat. Hormones set the menstrual cycle, conception and birth. They reduce stress, tiredness, fears and relieve us of depression. Hormones maintain the level of sugar in the blood and tissues, increase resistance to infections and allergic reactions. Also, the hormones control sexual desire, fertility and reproductive capacity.
  • Small declines or slight imbalances even in the thirties and forties may result in significant deterioration to health and mental function. Even with a perfectly balanced diet and active lifestyle, our body slowly, with aging, loses the function of adequate hormone production level in satisfactory proportions.
Bioidentični hormoni

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bioidentični hormoni
  • Bioidentical hormones are substances taken into our body in order to compensate the deficiency of the natural hormones.
  • With the right dosage and usage of the bioidentical hormones, we can restore health and energy we had in youth.
  • Insulin is the most important biodentical hormone. It is given to people whose pancreas stopped producing this hormone, responsible for the metabolism of sugar -glucose. The reason is the most common autoimmune disease of genetic origin. Also, another important bioidentical hormone is thyroxine, a thyroid hormone. So far, it has saved many lives, as death is caused by the deficiency of this hormone.


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