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Tensiomyography - TMG

Several years ago, sports medicine has become richer for a contemporary diagnostic method, which is of great benefit to doctors in sports medicine, physiotherapists, fitness coach, including the management of sports clubs.

Since recently, thankfully to the dr Gifing Center, this method has been available in Serbia.

TMG or tensiomiography is a non-invasive diagnostic method that provides data on the muscle contractile properties, ie. on their functional characteristics. The inventor is Professor S. Đordjević, world famous sports worker and trainer.

In a quick and easy way, using DC electrical pulse, provides data on designated time or contraction of the time that elapses from the impulse to contraction (delayed time), the speed of contraction, contraction duration and relaxation time, expressed in milliseconds.


Also, provides recommendations on any necessary exercises and treatments to correct performance and to prevent possible injuries. A special diagnostic benefit is in injured athletes, because it eliminates the impact of pain on the muscle contraction parameters.

TMG is applied in sports and medicine, as well as for research purposes.

It is used in the sport to optimize training. By screening of the most important muscles for a particular sport we can determine where the muscle or muscle group needs additional work (exercise activation, power or relaxation) in order to bring the effect to the highest level. The results obtained by TMG diagnostics can be used for injury prevention, and to assess the current physical fitness level and maximal performance of the individual.


In medicine, TMG is used in physical medicine in diagnostic purposes (not therapeutic), ie. to evaluate the improvement of muscles functional ability during and after therapeutic procedures after an injury. It helps the therapist choose the procedures and exercises and provide complete information on the recovery degree. This way, enabling a return of the athletes to the training process, thus preventing the return of injury. Precise choice of procedures and exercises can be accelerate the rehabilitation process.

TMG software contains average reference values for 20 major muscles, for over 20 sports, as well as the average muscle reference values for player positions in certain team sports.

TMG may be used in selection for both professional and recreational sport.

It facilities training improvement with recreational athletes, as throughout the year, so as in certain periods due to seasonal sports (skiing, long-distance running, extreme sports ...).

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