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Program dr Gifing

Program Dr Gifing

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition program is a combination of the most advanced knowledge in the fields of nutrition physiology, endocrinology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics.

This program is unique because it helps every person to reach ideal weight and perfect health at the same time, whether one is under or over weight. For those who have reached their ideal weight, it will help them maintain the ideal weight permanently.

The program is a result of many years of experience and education in the most important world’s centers, as well as cooperation with the biggest names in many fields of the Anti Aging Medicine today, or medicine that deals with the slowing of the aging process.

Dr. Gifing nutrition program allows you to effortlessly, in a short period of time, learn principles of healthy nutrition, proper food choices and good combination of different groceries, which can be applied at all latitude and longitude, at every opportunity and occasion, such as: at school, work, home, on holiday or a business trip.

Dr. Gifing explains: "The very idea for the program came to me after visiting a clinic in France, and after that I have applied the postulates in practice."

The original program was not giving the wanted results.

During next visit to the same clinic in France, I have realized that our results are basically the same, so 37 per cent of the patients lost weight, while others had no significant changes.

For ten years our nutrition program is unlike any other.

Everything else is completely different.

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition program, does not include counting calories, weighing food, determining and limiting the amount of food.

The philosophy of our program is that every person receives knowledge that will be the basis of their own initiative, imagination and managing everyday situations (travels, holidays, weddings, business lunches, dinners, etc.).

The program does not operate on the principle of limitation of food intake, but on an entirely different principle, and that is dieting according to the glycemic index, glycemic load, acid - base regime, hormonal balance of the food and proper chemical combining of the ingredients.

The results are 100 per cent successful with all those who were adhering to the protocol.

Now, we have vegetarian, vegan, fasting and dietary regimens for all medical conditions. Also, the mass-gain program is increasingly popular because there are a lot of people with lower body mass than desirable.

High cholesterol , triglycerides and sugar are being regulated in the first 7 to 10 days of the individual nutrition regime .

Since the beginning in 2009, when we started statistic studies, up to December 2014, our Center has visited more than 60,000 patients.

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition is a method for persons of all ages, both genders, no matter of their health condition, with the goal to regulate body mass up to its optimal value, with the normalization of the biochemical organism parameters.

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition program consists of the following elements: