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dr Ana Gifing

About the Center dr Gifing

Dr. Gifing practice (originally named- Dr. Gifig Anti Aging Diagnostic Center) has been founded in 2003. It has been founded as a diagnostic Center that dealt with anti-aging medicine, or slowing down the process of aging.

Over the next few years, we have been dedicated to the prevention and treatment of obesity, metabolic syndromes and Dr. Gifing center directed toward the preventive medicine in completely.

The Dr. Gifing nutrition program has been patented in 2007. under the name of Dr. Gifing Chrononutrition. More than 100,000 patients have been tested in our center.

In addition to nutrition programs, Dr. Gifing practice provides numerous services, which are used in preventive and diagnostic purposes.

Diagnostics in Center dr Gifing

Detailed analyses of the metabolic state of the organism by evaluating the involvement of the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in energy production. Results obtained from CCM provide additional guidelines on how to apply individual chrononutrition program in order to obtain the best possible results.

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Determination of the in/tolerance to different types of food and certain ingredients. This test is done as part of each chrononutrition program, however it can also be done individually (in which case the review does not include medical checkup and supplement consultation).

Measuring is performed within each of the chrononutrition program. In addition to total body mass, segmental body analyses provides a further insight into the body composition ie. the amount of fat, muscles, proteins, minerals, water etc. Also, the scale calculates the basal metabolic rate, the value of physical fitness, as well as the health risks. The result obtained by this measuring help the professionals create an individual approach to chrononutrition program.

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The most precise diagnostic of the speed, symmetry, muscle contraction power and relaxation. The method is recommended to the persons in dire need of the physical therapy after muscles and connective tissue injuries, recreational and professional athletes, those who want to maintain good condition of the locomotive apparatus. Based on the review results, fitness instructor gets an insight into which direction further physical therapy should go, ie. which muscle groups should be trained and in which way.

During the lifetime of each person there is a drop in the sex hormones’ level in the body. This leads to a number of adverse effects, such as heat waves, the decline of mental and muscular strength, variable and often, depressed moods, decrease in sexual desire and sexual power, etc. Also, the result and consequence of a hormonal imbalance increases the risks of developing heart disease and vascular disease, diabetes, disorders of the thyroid, malignant diseases, the decline in bone quality, etc. In order to mitigate these unwanted illnesses, as well as to prevent diseases that occur due to hormonal imbalance, use of bioidentical hormones is recommended. They are completely similar to those in the human body and are completely natural - plant source and origin, without side effects. The application of bioidentical hormones is recommended to all persons without natural sufficient production of sex hormones (menopause and andropause, and during the preceding period).

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Free radicals are connected with aging, but also with the development of more than a hundred pathological conditions/diseases. They are normally produced in the body, but are also neutralized. When there is no balance between the production and neutralization of free radicals, this leads to the growth of their amount in the tissues, which causes some of many diseases and accelerates the aging process. FRAS (Free Radical Analytical System) method is used for determining the amount of free radicals and the total antioxidant capacity of plasma of subjects, which gives insight into the degree of vulnerability of the body. Accordingly, certain activities that could reduce their production and / or neutralize already formed free radicals are recommended.

this program is realized with the Bioresonance medicine apparatus. The approach is completely individual and extremely efficient. It takes up to three therapies for the person to quit smoking, during which one shall not experience abstinence symptoms or problems.

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