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What is ANESA?

ANESA ( Automatic Non-invasive Express Screening Analyzer) determines 150 biochemical, hemodynamic and immunological parameters of an organism. The measuring is made with 5 microprocessors, which are put at the reference points of human body.
Measuring and data processing are carried out by method of Dr Malykhin. The ANESA analyzer (modernized model based on AMP device) has been certificated in European Union, Ukraine, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Egypt.

Method Description

ANESA Analyzer is designed for automatic noninvasive hemogram analysis based on the results of measurement of temperature of "reference" bioactive points on the surface of human body.
Before the testing it is recommended not to put any deodorant or body lotions to your body. Also, you need to remove hair from your armpit and for the man hair on the neck should be removed so the electrodes would have better contact to the skin.

The analysis uses the following bioactive points:

ANESA allows to transfer the measurement results into a PC for subsequent analysis and processing of the results by a special program and printing of a report.

ANESA analyzer corresponds to portable, compact, noninvasive biochemical laboratory. This way doctor can make complex express analysis of the organism of a patient.

ANESA analyzer allows to carry out medical examination both in field screenings and ambulatory practice for lots of people very quickly, non-invasively, without stressing of the patient.

Getting the results

Non-invasive hemogram analyzer allows to make a complex test of the state of patient's organism during 180-720 seconds.
At the end of the analysis the USPIH 10 software gives prompts to help the doctor to identify the diagnosis on the base of the 150 determined parameters, which have significant discrepancies over or under the norms and/or his knowledge and practical experience. If it is necessary, a doctor could prescribe additional diagnostics by traditional, well-known methods. Automatic Noninvasive Express Screening Analyzer ANESA has no analogues in the world.


Among the other results of the entire metabolic elements, USPIH softvare can indicate need for the further or wider diagnose for the patient. Work on the ANESA is very easy, people of all age can work with it, it is fast, safe and completely comfortable. It is the best solution for all patients and especially for the one who have fear of the needle or blood.
Diagnosis on the ANESA is now available with any nutrition or metabolic examination in our Center dr Gifing.

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